(Because of a technical malfunction that crashed this site on April 4, and took down every post and comment after March 14, the following has been re-posted. It was originally written April 1, 2008.)  We're only a little more than six months old, but we are justifiably proud of our blog. We think the interesting, in-depth, thought-provoking and fun-poking analytical nature of our posts is a cut above. At least we're certainly hearing from people.

On the other hand, this blog doesn't have the most bells and whistles, but it has more than a few and we've added several enhancements over the last few weeks, with yet more to come at some point. Check out the "Pages" section on the left side of the front page where we've added a video, a sign-up for our e-mail alerts, an Action Center where you can contact your legislators or get more involved in a local Family Foundation chapter, and more.

We also recently created one of the most extensive (and well screened) blog rolls of any Virginia political blog. If we haven't discussed an issue here, someone else has; if it's not in an area of our concern, it is for someone to whom we're networked. So use our blog as your portal to the very best in news and commentary on Virginia policy and politics.

Everything we do to this blog is designed for interactivity, i.e., your convenience. You can look it up or sign up for it all through this one site and through our Family Foundation network of sites: www.familyfoundation.org and www.tffaction.org (Family Foundation Action), all three of which you can navigate to and from seamlessly. We aim to provide you with everything for the best possible online experience in reading, researching and debating the various issues of the day.

Speaking of issues, just today we've added four new categories of relevant and important topics to be discussed here: History, Economics, Faith And Religion, and Announcements. We've actually discussed them already (and often), but categorized them in broader themes, such as Culture, Politics or Issues. The Announcements category will include posts updating readers on improvements to this blog (such as this post), matters relevant to this online community, and the blogosphere and Internet in general.

Now, though, you can look more specifically for topics in certain categories, to read and debate our latest posts on those matters, providing you with more convenience. It also focuses us on specific topics and reminds us and/or gives us a place to comment or report on aspects of life perhaps not as likely to be written about had we not had the expanded catalogue of categories. We will add more as we progress.

We promise not to get esoteric. We always have the "Uncategorized" section for when we get a wild hair. We'll stick to categories that reflect our five principles: Life, Marriage, Parental Authority, Religious Freedom and Constitutional Government - no categories on "Greatest Post Modern Grunge Bands." We can say that uncategorically.