(Because of a technical malfunction that crashed this site on April 4, and took down every post and comment after March 14, the following has been re-posted. It was originally written April 2, 2008.)   Just wondering out loud . . .

Right around Easter time famed Bill Clinton political hack James Carville called fellow Democrat and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson "Judas" for endorsing U.S. Senator Barack "children are an inconvenience" Obama (D-IL) for the Democrat presidential nomination instead of his former boss' wife, U.S. Senator Hillary "bravely dodging sniper fire" and "Eliot Spitzer was a super delegate for me" Clinton (D-NY).

But if Governor Richardson is Judas, wouldn't that mean that Hillary is . . . I mean, for an analogy to be an analogy, there has to be an equivalent in the equation. (This hurts to think about!) But we'd love to know what Carville's implication was. Was this an attempt to ameliorate the already hideous adoration of the left-left-lefties toward Obama as the new "savior" into equating Hillary with . . . ?

No! Enough! Not going to finish that thought!