Once again our friend Bart Hinkle over at the Richmond Times Dispatch is opining (whining?) about the fact that Virginians still believe that marriage ought to be between a man and a woman, and that kids really should, if at all possible, have both a mom and a dad. This time, in a diatribe about the child custody clash between Vermont and Virginia, he compares those Virginians to the racists of Virginia's past. (Never mind that African-American voters over and over again, in state after state, reject homosexuals using the "civil rights" card and vote overwhelmingly in favor of marriage amendments.) While some will probably be offended by Hinkle's rhetoric, we at The Family Foundation really find it sad. We like Bart. He usually has great material. But instead of bringing his usual intellectually refined, logical arguments forward, as he does very often, on the issue of homosexuality Bart continues to rely on emotion, using name calling and hate speech. Perhaps it's because he doesn't have an intellectually refined, logical argument upon which to stand? 

Its too bad really. Bart is an excellent writer and a very nice guy. Here's hoping that someday he can get past the hate he seems to have for those who like the way God designed marriage and family. All 1.3 million of us in Virginia — at least.