In one of the funniest movies of all time, the dean in Animal House tells one of the underachieving Delta House boys, as he is about to expel him, "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

Bill Maher, the host of an HBO show, takes it one step further. But his absolute vile nature, utter stupidity and lies are no laughing matter.

From this adamant atheist who says with conviction that "tap water kills us," (to give you an idea of this intellectual midget's lack of mental capacity) last week spewed nothing less than vile comments and lies on a several-minute venomous rant about the Catholic Church and the Pope. We won't dignify them by citing the content much less the actual quotes. Suffice it to say that what Don Imus said last year in his attempt at humor about the Rutgers University women's basketball team was childlike "knock-knock" jokes by comparison. About 65 million Americans — more than 20 percent of this country — are Catholic, and he insulted and tried to humiliate each and ever one of them.

So the question now is, if Imus was hounded off the air, and many would say rightly, why is there nary a word about Maher? If he unleashed the same invective against homosexuals, Hispanics, blacks, Jews or Muslims, does anyone doubt that this so-called comedian would have been kicked off the air immediately in disgrace and, in effect, blacklisted for an immense period? Or relegated to the depths of filthy and unruly nightclubs to which he barely even deserves?

But this imbecile has a weekly forum on HBO. He needs to go. Now. Standards must matter even for a channel that allows raunch or else it devalues the brilliance it also produces, for ribald does not include gross effrontery. This massive dolt, who, in the aftermath of 9/11, actually complimented the bravery of the terrorists, has every right to his opinion. But it is not opinion to purposely misstate facts and to insult. He constantly states his mistakes as fact then ignorantly mocks those who justly disagree with him or point out his inaccuracies.

This twisted, sick, stooge for the radical left, whose idea of intelligent reading is the Huffington Post, has no standing and no clue: The Pope speaks many several languages and is a leading academic with the equivalent of several advanced degrees. The Catholic Church is a 2000 year-old institution and the spiritual home of 1.1 billion people. (Are they all dumb? He adamantly asserted the week before that you cannot be considered smart and believe in the Bible. So this peon knows all?) The Catholic Church is responsible for some of the greatest art and architecture known to man, the founding of the university system, and is the world's largest health care system, educator and provider of charity to the poor, to name only a few major contributions to God's Earth.

Bill Maher is a simpleton who simply provides nothing redeeming to his fellow citizens. He only provides vile, stupidity and lies. That is no way to go through life, but as determined as he is, let him on his way. He deservedly will be his own end.