On August 8, 2007, Family Foundation of Virginia President Victoria Cobb was interviewed by Scott and Richard Lee on their highly rated talk show "Saturday Mornings With The Lee Brothers" on WRVA-AM/1140 in Richmond about Governor Tim Kaine's government expansion into Pre-K education. Although it was conducted about 10 months ago, this interview is very timely today as Governor Kaine (contact him here) reflexively seeks a massive tax increase on Virginia families, obstensibly to finance transportation improvements. The topic presciently was brought up even in this August interview . . . . Why begin new state programs that don't work and no one wants? Why not use that money for transportation instead of jacking up our tax burden yet more?

Scott Lee coins a great new phrase in this interview which we may unashamedly appropriate for ourselves. Even more presciently, he claims rightly:

The best government is the one not in session.

Are you listening General Assembly (contact here) and Governor Kaine? You meet in the winter, not June.

The interview lasts about five minutes. You can listen to it by clicking here.

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