Statement By Victoria Cobb, President Of The Family Foundation Of Virginia, Concerning The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling Striking Down Virginia's Partial Birth Infanticide Law

It is disappointing that yet again just two people can thwart the will of the people, the action of a legislature, and simple justice for nearly born children. Considering that our law is substantially reflective of the federal law that was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court we hope that a higher court will reverse this panel's absurd ruling. As this case proceeds through the courts it is our hope that judges will decide the case on its merits and not on personal predetermined opinion.

Nevertheless, the fact that pro-abortion forces continue to defend the heinous act of partial birth infanticide with such vigor reveals their extremism. It must be noted that the procedures being discussed, a "dilation and evacuation"  (D&E) abortion and an "intact D&E" both require the dismemberment of an unborn child past the known date of viability. The people of Virginia are seeing the true nature of the abortion movement.

The more people learn about the barbaric nature of these procedures, the more they support this ban. That same enlightenment will continue as people learn about abortion at all stages and as modern technology such as 4D ultrasounds reveal life in such vivid color at its earliest stages. As the truth of abortion is revealed, those willing to open their eyes to that truth are changed.

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