Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Hager's interview with familyfoundationblog will begin here Monday and continue on Tuesday. Mr. Hager's interview is one in a continuing series of party leaders. Previously, we interviewed — in his role as a legislator — Delegate Jeff Frederick (R-52, Woodbridge), who is challenging Mr. Hager for RPV chairman, which will be decided at the Republican State Convention at the end of May. You can read it by clicking here. Democrat Party of Virginia Chairman Dickie Cranwell also has accepted an invitation for an interview. We expect to post that one by the end of next week or early the week after.

Questions to both current chairmen examine their views on the role political parties play in advocating public policies which reflect and protect family values, their personal influences and general questions about the political climate in Virginia.

We hope you will read both and leave your comments on the corresponding threads. We look forward to the answers of the two chairmen, your feedback on them, and to bringing you other exciting interviews we have lined up in coming weeks.