I'm hanging out at the state GOP Convention this afternoon, yada yada yada, rules fight (Gilmore forces won) yada yada yada, just looking for some people to hang out with, when the session's keynote speaker is introduced. I forgot there was one. Turns out it is Fox News and CNN political pundit, GOP consultant, and former Newt Gingrich and Dan Quayle Press Secretary Rich Galen (bio here), whose mullings.com is perhaps the most important national political blog. After the session is over I'm talking with some friends and I see him just walking through the crowd talking to folks. I thought big shot national speakers get whisked in and out by drivers supplied by the hosting organization. Who knew he's just hang out and talk with the grassroots? But his speech was all about the importance of the grassroots so it should have been no surprise.

Just watching him talk with a group, a light went off in my head. Why not be bold. So I tracked him down through the crowd as he left the hall into the hallway. I introduced myself to him, told him how I've always enjoyed his commentary, that I blog and would you consider doing a blog interview at familyfoundation.org?

Without hesitation Mr. Galen said, "Yes. Just call me. I'll be glad to do it." He gave me his card and we talked about this blog and The Family Foundation and he seemed somewhat impressed. He reiterated his intentions that he'd blog with us and reminded me to call him.

Wow! Just call him? Don't big time pundits have secretaries and layers of people to get through? So cool!

Later I met the state coordinator of Catholics For McCain. She wanted me to sign a card. I don't do anything without a quid pro quo. "What's in it for me?" I thought. Hmmm. Well, why not? So I blurted out, "I'll sign it only if you get Senator McCain to do an interview on our blog." She said she'd try "but in case I can't . . ." (which, by her hesitation, seemed a pretty big ask) she started to murmur what became a counter offer: "How about Senator Sam Brownback? He's the national chairman of Catholics For McCain."

"You can get Senator Brownback? You got a deal!"

I signed her card, she gave me her number, and low and behold the wheels are turning to get Senator Brownback (R-Kansas), a former presidential candidate himself, here on this very blog. We'll let you know when the details get worked out for both Rich Galen and Senator Brownback. That's not all. There could be more surprises ahead. Keep checking back with us.

Gotta go. Hospitality suites await. More contacts to make.