In February, I asked Delegate Kenneth Alexander (D-89, Norfolk) for an e-mail interview to be posted on this blog. He agreed and, at the time, was only the third office holder to interview here, and still remains the only Democrat. (That's about to change.) However, because of a heavy General Assembly schedule and several inherent conflicts, he could not get to it. Finally, during the last week of session (in March), he suggested I ask the questions in person. It's not the way I envisioned it; it's certainly not the Internet way. Plus, I don't always take notes fast enough. But it was the only way to make it work. To keep it as much as originally intended, I stuck with original 10 questions, except one since his answer to another question covered it, and with my original introduction. Also, in keeping with an Internet interview, I did not offer follow-up questions to his (often detailed) answers.  The downside to all this was that in the crush of other work and responsibilities, and with some of the technical problems we experienced earlier this spring, the task of transcribing all those answers got further down my things-to-do list. I started Wednesday and finally got it done and proofed today. As always, Delegate Alexander was incredibly pleasant and professional, and we greatly appreciate his time and cooperation with us. We also greatly appreciate your patience.

On Monday and Tuesday, then, we will post this very interesting interview in two parts. We hope you take the time to read it, find it of great interest and comment on it.  

- The admin