The Roanoke Times editorial page has been kind enough to weigh in on this week's decision by two judges on the Fourth Circuit to strike down Virginia's ban on partial-birth infanticide. Big shock — they agree with the ruling. One short line in the editorial is striking: "women still have the right to choose a pre-viability abortion."

In fact, women have the right to a pre- or post-viability abortion in Virginia, right up until the day the baby is born. Wonder why the Times didn't talk about that?

The law the court struck down didn't change that "right." Two judges with predetermined opinions on this law "decided" that the law goes too far. The judge who dissented disagreed.

Interestingly, the Roanoke editors argue that Attorney General Bob McDonnell shouldn't appeal the decision, and if he does they argue it will be only to "serve his political ambitions."

Last time I checked its the AG's job to defend Virginia law. Not appealing would be to not fulfil his Constitutional duty. Then again, misreading the law and the Constitution is the one thing the Roanoke Times editors seem to do very well.