A big thank you to Norm Leahy, blogger extraordinaire, of Tertium Quids, Bacon's Rebellion and many other digital journalistic pursuits. He apparently peruses our site, read our canny idea to fund transportation, and wrote about it on both of those sites yesterday. We posited a plan to double lottery ticket prices and use the extra revenue for roads, which would leave funds generated for education in tact. The idea already has sparked more ideas and debate at Bacon's Rebellion, most in the spirit in which we offered it (not that it wouldn't make good legislation, but we still prefer finding the money somewhere in the excess of the budget's doubling during the last 10 years). We truly are big fans of both sites and all their contributors; knowing they peek in here now and then is a true compliment.

I actually mentioned the idea to three legislators Monday at Congressman Eric Cantor's Advisory Committee meeting and it was met with a degree of likability. (I did tell them they could have sole proprietorship of the idea, however, so all this exposure may not be conducive to getting it introduced as legislation . . . .) Still, there's Governor Tim Kaine who wants (surprise!) a tax increase, according to The Washington Post. Who knows? Governor Kaine needs a legacy. But partnering with The Family Foundation on the lottery? Who would bet on that?