Perusing the news channels of late, including tonight, I've come across at least a couple of interesting promos. One each for CNN and CNBC, among others. They all claim there is no bias on their networks. Great! We're glad to hear they report the news down the middle. But wait! If they are going out of their way to claim they are not biased, aren't they admitting there is bias? Somewhere?Who better knows the trade than these self-professed "leaders" in political and business news? So either they're admitting they are now something they were not previously or they are desperate to separate themselves from other media which have no such cover or admittedly do slant to the left, such as CNBC's very little sister MSNBC or CNN's print cousin Time?

It's also an admission of Fox News Channel's success and an understanding of why. It also claims to be "Fair and Balanced" but there's a significant difference: It was founded on that principle, not forced to change in midstream by shriveling audiences.