The General Assembly convened today for its special "tax session," and the rhetorical fireworks started flying right away. After Governor Tim Kaine urged passage of his $1 billion tax hike while he addressed a joint session of the House and Senate, members of the House Republican caucus went on the attack. Delegate Kirk Cox, the majority whip, (R-66, Colonial Heights) ridiculed the governor's defense of the Virginia Department of Transportation. Delegate Bill Janis (R-56, Henrico) criticized the governor for ignoring the financial difficulties of "average Virginians" while asking for higher taxes. He also kept up his attack on Kaine for being "absent" during this process, saying he is more interested in "campaigning for the Vice Presidency." 

House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith (R-8, Salem) ripped the Governor for failing to provide any leadership and bringing the GA back without having gotten consensus on a plan. Griffith was particularly critical of the governor's inability to find a Senate patron for his transportation bill (at least as of the beginning of today's session). "Normally we come to special sessions to close the deal, not start the debate," Griffith said.

Democrats supporting the tax hikes accused opponents of being "closed minded."

Consensus around the capitol is that no legislation will pass this week. Most believe that Kaine called the special session knowing the legislature would fail to pass his tax hike so he can use it as a campaign issue next year. That said, the debate should be interesting — and the rhetorical battle is probably just getting started.