In a world where relativism reigns, defending God's truth is a full-time battle.  Unfortunately, even most members of evangelical churches are not well versed in God's truth principles. A widely publicized Barna Research study found that less than 10 percent of evangelicals have a Biblical Worldview.Into that void has come Focus on the Family's "The Truth Project." This incredible 12-week DVD study is sweeping the nation and providing foundational truth principles in an interactive, enjoyable, educational format.  Now, Focus on the Family is trying to make it easier for people to become trained so they can teach this great program in their community. So it has scheduled a live Truth Project Simulcast Training Event, Saturday, September 27. Normally training seminars are out of town and require an entire weekend. However, because this seminar is conducted through a simulcast, you can find a local church that is carrying the feed and participate closer to home. Perhaps your church might even be willing to host a simulcast.

Super early-bird registration is $99 for an individual or $149 for a couple through June 30. The regular cost is $119 individuals. Special bulk pricing also is available.

We like to bring to your attention special, worthwhile events, whether they are directly affiliated with us or not, such as the free screening of the movie Bella and the How Would Jesus Vote Tour, when they come to our attention. This certainly is one of those. It truly is a program that can transform lives. This training will allow you to teach The Truth Project in your home or church. 

For more information, click here for The Truth Project Web site. To view a six minute trailer about The Truth Project, click here. We hope there are those out there who will take advantage of this great opportunity.