We discovered this quote today in last Friday's Washington Post. It's from House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith (R-8, Salem), responding to Governor Tim Kaine's threats to raise money to campaign against House GOP candidates in the fall of 2009 if they don't acquiece to his tax increase demands during their last chance to do during the next regular General Assembly in January 2009. 

"No doubt Governor Kaine and his fellow Democrats will continue to blame Republicans for obstructionism, as was their intention from the outset," House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith (R-Salem) said. "No doubt, too, they will continue to privately disparage Virginians for selfishly clinging to their hard-earned tax dollars, just as they demean regular folks for clinging to their guns and to their religion."

He was referring, of course, to U.S. Senator and Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama's infamous "bitter" remarks in April, during the primary campaign, belittling us regular folk in flyover country. Since the governor seems intent to do nothing but campaign against Republicans, instead of governing the state, it gives new meaning to the phrase "that he's 'bitterly' determined to take our money from us."