Once again the California Supreme Court has issued a ruling that could have frightening implications across the nation. The court's recent decision allows the government to force doctors to perform medical treatments that violate their religious beliefs. In this case, two Christian fertility doctors refused to artificially inseminate a lesbian who wanted to have a baby. Never mind that there are hundreds of other doctors who would have gladly taken the money and done the procedure, and this is hardly withholding treatment in a life threatening situation, but the lesbian in question sued. The doctors in this case even referred the woman to another clinic — but she refused (and they paid for the referral). Obviously, this was not about a medical treatment. This was about forcing one's morality on someone else and using the courts to do so. 

This is just another example in the ongoing battle between sexual liberty and religious liberty that has more often been played out in the abortion debate. Most recently, abortion activists have fought attempts to protect pharmacists who do not want to distribute abortifacient drugs because it violates their conscience. Again, its not like there isn't a Rite-Aid on every corner, giving people plenty of options. Medical providers are not allowed to have a choice in the matter of conscience.

No, this is about forcing people to act against their religious beliefs. And in America today, religious liberty is the least protected right in existence. In nearly every case thus far, sexual liberty wins out over conscience.

Does no one feel a chill when they read about the government forcing doctors to act against their conscience? Does history not teach us the danger of such oppression?