As just about the whole world knows right now, U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), the Republican nominee-to-be for president, has chosen Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his vice presidential running mate. Many in Virginia and across America may be scrambling to learn all they can about the woman who may sit one day one heartbeat away from the presidency. Initial reaction has been very positive.

But she may not be too big a mystery to many in the Old Dominion — at least the thousands who smartly read (making us one of the most read political blogs in the commonwealth). That's because we may have been the first Virginia blog to tell you about her in some detail (or at least about her deeply personal pro-life, and insightful, story). On May 22, we posted Would You Kill This Child? (click here) about Governor Palin's decision to keep her fifth child, Trig, despite the pre-natal diagnosis of his Down Syndrome. We cited her profound, and deeply held, pro-life principles. 

A subsequent investigation finds that her high school yearbook quote was:

He is the Light, and in the Light there is Life.  

If you didn't read it, are new to our blog or want to read it again, we encourage you to take a look. We congratulate Governor Palin on this high honor and Senator McCain for a choice who will be a determined fighter and eloquent advocate for the sanctity of innocent, unborn life.