Nat Hentoff is a liberal columnist who is OK by me. After all, he's a great Jazz critic, which is always a plus, since Jazz is my favorite music. More importantly, he's also pro-life, and brings sanity to the issue which many of his colleagues and like-minded politicians sorely lack. He proves there are liberals out there who can think logically about the life issue and who understand the consistency in life being life, no matter at what stage. Unlike most liberal Christian politicians who claim they believe life begins at conception and that they would never advocate abortion (though they never even use the bully pulpit to oppose it on moral grounds, never mind advocate legal restrictions), Hentoff understands. He understands the lame excuse that these liberals give, "that I represent people of all faiths," so even though he or she believes the unborn is alive, it is fine to vote to kill it because other people say it isn't. On what other issue do politicians subjugate what they profess to believe because others may disagree? What issue is more important? Where do these lawmakers draw the line? If you believe life exists at conception, but it is fine to kill it, then why not for unruly seven year-olds? Better to stay consistent, and Hentoff knows this: life is life.

So Hentoff recently wrote this brilliant column, which we highly recommend (click here). In it, he discusses the last major pro-life Democrat, the late Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey, who was denied a speaking role at the 1992 Democrat National Convention because of his pro-life views, despite having implemented almost every social program on the liberal menu; and contrasts him with his son, U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Jr., and Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama and his vote in the Illinois Senate to allow babies to die who were born in botched abortions.

To those who contrive to criticize the pro-life movement for not caring about life after it is born, Hentoff calls you out. Justifiably. Indeed, life is life.