Where are all the PC police now that so-called comedian Sandra Bernhard has used more misogynistic language toward Governor Sarah Palin than any neanderthal would dream? (Read about it here. There are sound bytes, too, but they are profanity laced and not linked here.) Of course, it's art — can't temper that. Can't condemn foul mouthed artists who make threats to an elected official. In fact, her outburst is funny in and of itself: Seems that whenever the Angry Left goes nuts, it's always for the sake of art. Nice haven. But God forbid a conservative or Christian point of view get published on a college campus, or a conservative speaker appear to give a presentation. The First Amendment doesn't apply, there, apparently. If you haven't heard yet, Ms. Bernhard warned Gov. Palin not to come to Manhattan or she would be sure to have her "big, black brothers" "rape" her. Classy. Racist, too. And these people are supposedly helping Barack Obama?