Yesterday, at Mr. Jefferson's capitol, the National Taxpayers Union, along with Tertium Quids, kicked off its national taxpayers pledge campaign with a news conference (read more about the event here). Perhaps there is no better location for such a launch other than the colonial capitol in Williamsburg where Patrick Henry railed against ol' King George's oppressive taxes. Interestingly, some of Governor Tim Kaine's media staff attended, doubtless on guard now that it is clear Virginians aren't exactly warm to his tax increase plans as he thought. (It must be tough getting re-accustomed to such mundane affairs after getting passed over for the VP nod.) But this in not a no tax pledge campaign, in existence for years, which asks candidates to pledge not to vote or propose or sign into law tax increases. Unfortunately, not all candidates keep their word on that.

That's where the No Tax Hikers campaign comes in. By signing the No Tax Hikers petition (click here), voting tax payers pledge not to vote for candidates who vote, propose or sign into law tax increases. (You also get a free bumper sticker.) It's the inverse of the No Tax Pledge, a counter balance to the politicians who campaign one way then cavalierly abandon their ostensible small government principles once in office.

You think people are mad about rising taxes? Even before the official unveiling of its Web site, more than 5,000 people had signed the No Tax Hiker pledge. (A counter greets you on its home page.) The more people who sign it, the more politicians of all stripes will know there are waves of voters demonstrably serious about their commitment to low taxes and smaller government — and demonstrably serious about dealing with politicians who confiscate their hard-earned money.