The reason Joe Biden has only made it up to "bishop" in the liberal ideological theology chain is, quite simply, he doesn't have the juice of "pope" Pelosi who is "trying to save the world" (see short YouTube video here) or, of course, his boss, the "messiah" himself, Barack Obama. Alas, Senator Biden is limited, even by John Edwards' standards, who, in 2004, retro prophesied that Christopher Reeve would have been able to get up out of his wheel chair and walk again if John Kerry had been president at the time

Yesterday, during a routine part of any campaign appearance, where the candidate thanks local office holders and dignitaries, "bishop" Biden asked a wheelchair confined state senator to stand up to be recognized and continued to insist when he didn't (see short YouTube video here). Ooooops! This from a man who has "a higher IQ than you!" (see vintage Biden bluster and arrogance here). 

We suggest that from now on, Joe, you leave the heavy lifting to "messiah" Obama, you know, the guy who can turn an everyday expression into an ugly sexist insult to a sitting American governor (see short YouTube video here). Now, that's miraculous.