A slump like that would send even the best player to the minor leagues or coach to "spend more time with his family."  But for our friends at Americans United for Separation of Church and State, 0-90 is just a start. You see, the confused folks who mysteriously see the words "separation of church and state" in the U.S. Constitution are once again on the war path against any clergy that dares speak up about the policy positions of candidates for office - in particular clergy who criticize candidates who share the separationist viewpoint (or any other extreme liberal position).  Today's USA Today has yet another story of Americans United urging an IRS investigation of this horrific threat to American democracy.

The "journalist" who wrote the story was kind enough to quote an Americans United spokesperson concerning the "90 claims it has filed with the IRS since 1996."  What the story doesn't mention is the results of those IRS claims.

Americans United hasn't won a single case.  None.  Notta.  Zero.  Or, zero and 90.

Why anyone takes these people seriously is a mystery.  But, for those who do, Alliance Defense Fund has a brief video that tells the truth about what pastors and church leaders are allowed to say from the pulpit when it comes to politics.  We encourage you to watch the video, and then take a gander at the U.S. Constitution.  And if you find the phrase "separation of church and state" anywhere let us know.