Our friends at The Richmond Coalition for Life are winding down another successful 40 Days for Life campaign (it ends November 2). We congratulate them on their campaign — as well as for receiving a special guest Tuesday afternoon: David Bereit, the National 40 Days for Life campaign director. We have a special place in our heart for 40 Days for Life: Not only is it the highest and noblest of spiritual efforts, it was the subject of one of our first commentaries (A Different Type Of Campaign, October 17, 2007).   Here's the post from the coalition's blog about Mr. Bereit's visit (click here to see great pictures from his visit): 

David Bereit, the National 40 Days for Life Campaign Director, visited Richmond Tuesday afternoon. 

We were so glad that he was able to visit us as he is really busy going to many of the different 40 Days for Life locations around the country. David flew in from Indiana that afternoon and headed to Florida the next day. 

We were so thankful that he came and for his encouraging words. He told us that when he came to Richmond two years ago to tell us about the 40 Days for Life, at that time, he had no idea that the campaign would become such a national event. Well, can you believe that 40 Days for Life Campaigns are happening right now in 179 other cities? He also told us of many success stories that have been occuring around the country as a result of the campaign. He said that he has much hope, due to the success of all the 40 Days for Life campaigns, that abortion will be illegal in the near future in our country. Our prayer and fasting are having a impact!

May God bless the people at the Richmond Coalition for Life and their Holy work on the 40 Days for Life campaign. We also pray that He may raise up legions more to carry on all the brave and necessary work to end the heinous act of abortion.