The fringe left loves to mock values voters and the Mainstream Media thinks we've gone away or, at the least, of little relevance to the electoral process. Our influence is on the wane so they say. So they hope. So they believe? Maybe that's why Mark Warner and Barack Obama made their infamous comments about pro-lifers, Christians, home-schoolers and gun owners (see videos and transcripts, here). Maybe that's why U.S. Representative Jack Murtha (D-Pa.) made these comments about his own constituents:

"There's no question western Pennsylvania is a racist area."

After he apologized for that, Murtha then said this his district was "really redneck" (read  Amanda Hall at Town Maybe they say these things because they are at ease doing so; it's exactly what they think and they're going to say it because they think there will be no electoral repercussion. Values voters are flakes, fringe and of no consequence, in their mind. 

Then again, it is interesting to hear liberal candidates do their best to pretend they are for Second Amendment rights. Virginia was saturated for a while with radio ads featuring a front-group's spokesman saying Barack Obama was all for Second Amendment protections, despite a legislative career to the contrary in the Illinois legislature. The front-group was exposed and mysteriously the ads stopped.

Now Senator Obama is running radio ads with Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Democrat-turned Republican-turned-Democrat Virginia U.S. Senator Jim Webb vouching for Obama's Second Amendment credentials and quickly changing the subject to the economy (as did the front-group ad). 

Senator Webb says in the ad that Obama's opponents are misleading the public on his stands on such issues as the Second Amendment. If that's true, it's only because Obama said it about himself first.