There's a lot of talk going on about  . . . talk. As well as experience. A Mainstream Media "reporter" (i.e., Obama advocate) I heard recently (and I'm sure she wasn't the only one) joined the debate over whether Senator Barack Obama was more qualified to be president than Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is to be vice president. She admitted that Senator Obama's resume was thin on experience and accomplishments but said that at least "Obama had been campaigning for two years talking about these issues."

Talk. That's all we need right now in Washington, D.C., is more talk. It's a wonder Chicago is called the "Windy City" when there are enough blowhards in D.C. to power the U.S.S. Nimitz. So Senator Obama is a good talker. That qualifies him to be Commander-In-Chief?

This reporter was trying to say, in code, "Obama is smarter than the hayseed from Alaska." It's the same elitism of the "bitter and clinging to their guns and religion" remarks as it is his ridicule of Joe The Plumber in a speech one day and dining on lobster and caviar the next at New York City's Waldorf Astoria. 

It's ironic that the bumper sticker slogan of Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate (and Obama supporter) Senator Creigh Deeds (D-25, Charlottesville) is "Deeds. Not Words."

I didn't think much of this as blog material, but then last week, Senator Gaffe — uh, Biden, that is — said that his running mate's inexperience will certainly cause as many as "five or six international incidents" that will "test" Obama. Then I saw this just a while ago and it all came together to drive home the point. Exactly who does have more experience, indeed. Take a watch. The music is appropriate and stirring.