For weeks now, we've been stunned at the deep seeded cult worship status of Barack Obama. With so many people designating him the "messiah," who knows? Maybe it's true. After all, these people are the best and brightest, and no one in flyover country dare question them. You know these brainiacs — not to be confused with "Bosniacs" as foreign policy expert Joe Biden calls Bosnians — like MSNBC's Chris Matthews, who may have been the first reeled in by the senator's messianic trance. It was Matthews who said he got "a tingling feeling down his leg" when Obama spoke. Then there are the children's groups coming under his spell such as these young ones (see here) and these teenagers (see here). But if there was any doubt that Barack Obama has graduated from Illinois legislator to "messiah" in only fours years, let the august prophet, and conciliator of races and creeds — Louis Farrakhan himself — confirm it for us all. If Farrakhan says Obama is the "messiah," it must be true: