Now that was fun . . . not. In the middle of writing yet another critically acclaimed post, our building, One Capital Square, just a block from Mr. Jefferson's temple to democracy, set off its fire alarm. No big deal. It's got to be a test, right? It continues. Loud. Obnoxious. Unrelenting. Hmmm. Maybe this is serious after all. Everyone else left, but me, trying to finish my great post. ... Quick! Saved my page. Still haven't eaten. Grabbed my things, then lunch from the microwave (I was stood up for lunch earlier, glad I brought something anyway, always good to be prepared), no one on the floor seems bothered, but I leave anyway. Elevators working fine. Shouldn't have taken it, though. But I can't believe this is serious, still. Got downstairs. Security man on the phone. "No, this is not a test, they're coming," he says. But people are still walking in and the alarm still wails. He's had better days, I'm sure. Get outside. Fire trucks wheel in. Street blocked off. People amused. People confused. Find a bench. Eat. Find colleagues. Talk. Waved back in. I return you to your normally scheduled posts.