Just wanted to bring to your attention a great blog we discovered today called The Journey, which we've added to our blog roll. It's the project of Bob Kirchman of Staunton and we appreciate his commentary today on one of our recent posts regarding the elitist, condescending and hateful remarks that Mark Warner and Barack Obama made about Christians, pro-lifers, home-schoolers and Second Amendment advocates ("Sound Familiar?" from October 22). Kirchman's post, "Of The People," can be found here. We highly recommend it and the blog as a whole. For example, he has features on Gianna Jessen, who survived an abortion, and on Dr. James Dobson, and many other topics that he finds of professional and personal interest, such as architecture and space exploration (both favorites of mine, so maybe I'm partial). The blog also has links to other worthwhile sites. You will find Bob's perspective on the issues great and insightful as well as an informative and good read.