The PC crowd keeps topping itself. It gets more bizarre every day, to the point where it is legitimately scary, a serious cause for concern. Some people really think the Democrat nominee for president has come down from on high. This past week we wrote and about some poor indoctrinated children who were trained like puppies to sing this song of praise, glory and worship to the senator (view it here). If you think that's bad, just check out this case of indoctrination (click here). These teenagers have no belief in themselves. They have have been trained to believe they can only be what they want to be because of a man — a human being — who they most likely have never met, nor ever will, and who has done nothing for them. From the looks of things, these kids, and whoever indoctrinated them, must think the sun rises and sets because of Senator Obama. Pop culture cults are one thing. This long since went well beyond that Rubicon. Not only is this reminiscent of something from history's evil past, it is evidence of a burgeoning cultural secularism that puts man on equal footing with the Creator, if they believe in God at all.