Tomorrow night is the third and final presidential debate. We've posted questions prior to some of the other debates that we'd like to get answers to, but of course, unless they are asked, we'll never know the answers. Here are some more questions we'd love to hear asked tomorrow night: 1. Senator Obama, given the voter fraud violations by the leftist organization ACORN in 2004, and the numerous investigations of it this year in battleground states (see Washington Post, here), do you still believe, as you stated earlier this year, that it will play a large role in your administration?

2. Considering how grievous the violations were and new accusations are, are you sstill proud of serving as its lawyer?

3. You like to note your past as a community organizer. Is registering the fictitious, the dead and people not qualified to vote what community organizers do?

4. Was registering the fictitious, the dead and people not qualified to vote the goal of the Civil Rights movement?

5. Why have you not repudiated the vile comments of Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) and John Lewis (D-Ga.), who said your opponents wanted to kill blacks and Jews? (See Wall Street Journal.)

6. Do you agree with Congressman Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) that Jesus was a community organizer and his implication that Governor Sarah Palin is a murderer? (Read The Citizen's Father David Epps, here.)

It's doubtful these questions will get asked given the left-wing slant and timidity of the Mainstream Media. But it never hurts to put them out there. You never know who's reading . . . at least it may get some people thinking. 

Here's the video of the new New Testament interpretation by Rep. Cohen: