As you see from the previous post, we non-techies now have taken the time to learn how (after only 11 months and three weeks) to directly place video on this blog. Up to now, we had posted the links to videos posted on other sites. But here on out, we can save you a click or two. You may want to check out some recent posts . . . we're going to replace some of those links by placing the actual videos on the threads (such as this can't miss one, here). We hope you enjoy the videos we will post here in the near future and beyond. As with everything else we've promised and delivered upon — in-depth discussion and intelligent analysis of issues, humor, civil discourse with our readers, extensive links to outstanding Internet information sources, as well as our Action Center, Online Library and Online Newsroom, to name only a few of our features — we promise to post the best, most enlightening, point-making and fun videos available to further deepen the depth of the arsenal of truth about the enduring and more immediate issues confronting Virginians and their families. Our warmest thanks for making us one of the most read, respected and influential political and public policy blogs in Virginia.