If, as the Mainstream Media indicates, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is so disliked, then why did her convention speech, debate and Saturday Night Live appearance all set ratings records (even as her convention speech was carried by three less networks than the speech given by Senator Barack Obama at the Democrat convention)? The latest smear attempt — hacking into her personal e-mail, reporting vile rumors about her pregnancy and family, and contrived controversies not being enough, apparently — has to do with a wardrobe purchase by the Republican National Committee. The same gaggle of pundits who clamor for "real issues to be discussed" makes this an issue? (Even though associations with assorted ne'er-do-wells cannot be investigated.) If she's not a factor — and the MSM continues to ignore the massive crowds she draws, especially in Colorado recently where thousands waited hours in freezing temperatures to see her — then why the relentless attacks?

Of course, the more the MSM attacks her, the more popular she becomes among blue-collar, hard-working, Joe The Plumber average Americans, especially in battleground states such as Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The very possible irony about the "clothes controversy" is that it only highlights that she doesn't own a bunch of fancy duds and further reinforces the "she's one of us, a regular person, non-elitist" image of her — which is all true.

After all, not everyone can mysteriously can become a millionaire in three years (and get sweetheart deals for a mansion from convicted felons) after a career in community organizing. Regardless of the outcome of the election, the backlash at the MSM in rapidly declining ratings and subscriptions, and the popularity it engenders for its targets, reveals more than ever its transformation from journalism to out-and-out advocacy of an extreme left-wing agenda which has nothing in common with regular, hard-working, traditional values folk.