Thanks to our very own G.M.E. for alerting me to this. If you haven't heard about or seen this video, it is a must see. An elderly woman, Phyllis Burgess, was surrounded by and harassed by a throng of Angry Leftists and homosexuals in California simply for carrying a Cross to Palm Springs City Hall (see California Catholic Daily, here) where a rally protesting the passage of Prop 8, the California Marriage Amendment which passed on election day with 52 percent of the vote, was taking place. (By the way, Republicans, it passed with 70 percent of the black vote and 53 percent of the Hispanic vote. Want to "reach out"? Want to win elections again?) Television station KPSP was there and televised live the threatening protesters who harassed the woman and prohibited the reporter, Kimberly Cheng, from interviewing her. As the reporter says, she simply wants the woman to voice her opinion. Then a protestor in the mob grabs the woman's Cross and sacrilegiously throws it to the ground and stomps on it — and the leftists say they are the tolerant ones? 

More astounding still: Listen to the anchor at the very end of the video. After watching the threatening behavior live for several minutes with the rest of his audience — seeing his own colleague put in harm's way by the mob — he reports and decides that we have seen "anger and hate on both sides."  

Huh!?!?!?! I don't know what video was he looking at, but we (meaning anyone not legally blind) saw vile and hate from one side only.

So the unintended consequence of this story is that we see first hand not just the hate engendered in liberalism, but the removal of any doubt about the media's shameless and open advocacy and Orwellian propaganda for leftist causes. See for yourselves where the hate is coming from: