The Washington Post reported late last week that Joe Price, an attorney and former chairman of the board of Equality Virginia, was indicted on obstruction of justice charges surrounding a murder that took place in Price's home in 2006. (Read The Post's account of the indictment, by clicking here.)  What makes this information relevant to all Virginians is that Price is currently the Virginia attorney representing Janet Jenkins who is seeking full custody of Isabella Miller, the small child caught in the custody dispute between Jenkins and her former partner Lisa Miller. The case has extraordinary implications not only for little Isabella, but for Virginia's marriage amendment and the future of family law.

Not surprisingly, The Post makes no mention in its article of Price's longtime affiliation with the commonwealth's largest homosexual rights group, or his involvement with one of the most important legal cases regarding family law in the nation.

The Family Foundation first heard rumors of Price's involvement in the August 2006 crime during the marriage amendment campaign that fall. Because there were no mainstream media stories that verified the situation we decided that raising awareness of the case during the amendment campaign would have detracted from the effort to pass the amendment.

It will be interesting to see if Price continues to represent Jenkins in the high profile custody case while he is under indictment, or if anyone in the mainstream media will ever report all the facts about the Price situation.