This has been a turbulent year. The last two months alone have been enough to make the sun spin. The year comes to a close with a lot of uncertainty and certainly with a political twist many of us do not look forward to. However, there will be time to fight those battles and, yes, win them, with all of us pulling together. However, the timing of this most gracious and warm approaching holiday could not have come at a better time.

Like you, we too look forward to the warmth and love of the company of our family and friends this time of year; of great food, fun times and just relaxing. We appreciate the time, however mandated by the calendar, to pause, reflect and give thanks for all this country and commonwealth provides us and means to us; and we pray for and help those whose lives need help.

We pause and pray to The Almighty God for his abundant blessings and goodness to us and this country and commonwealth. We offer thanks to Him for all that we are and have, and to pledge to Him to work to reciprocate that love year-round by making our world a better place, a place worthy of His grace and Word, through charity to those less fortunate than us, in refecting in ourselves His Word to others by example, as well as actively engaging the public at large for policies that protect the enduring values of civilization — doing it all one small accumulative step at a time.

From the staff, board and volunteers of The Family Foundation of Virginia, please accept our warmest and sincerest wishes for a blessed, safe and meaningful Thanksgiving holiday.