Last week we reported on the election for the House of Representatives seat from Virginia's 11th Congressional District in Northern Virginia between Democrat nominee, Gerald Connolly, and the Republican, Keith Fimian. According to a breaking news post this morning at the blog Too Conservative (read details here), Connolly showed up last night at the funeral of a policeman who died in the line of duty, not to pay his respects, but to politic and arm twist grieving cops in attendance to support him. It's worse. Apparently, Connolly asked for the service to be held up just so he could attend. The thread includes eyewitness accounts from readers who claim "Boss Connolly" had to be escorted away and was a complete embarrassment.

But guess what? As of earlier today, the local Mainstream Media has done nothing with what should be a major news story. We'll see if anything breaks tomorrow. 

Two big scoops this weekend for Too Conservative. Congrats, guys.