Thanksgiving Eve and the news is slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww . . . and the pickins are even slimmer than yesterday's. The crack communications staff has taken the day off, but I've found these to entertain and inform. Hope your Turkey and works are a lot more filling than this.  One serious note: Check out the Roanoke Times editorial extolling the — ahem —"worthiness" that is Planned Parenthood and blasting us for calling for an end (see here) of taxpayer funding of America's leading abortionists (and here). We'll reply after the holiday. For now, revel in the fact that measured by the clamor of the Times we must be having an affect.


Kaine won't endorse in Democratic primary (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

It's Official: Va. Democrats Gain in U.S. House (Washington Post)


Planned Parenthood a worthy investment (Roanoke Times)

Editorial Comics:

"Blues"(Gary Brookins, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Detroit bailouts"(Gary Brookins, Richmond Times-Dispatch