Yesterday, Governor Tim Kaine received a report from his Commission on Climate Change, because, as you know, the world is melting (based on fabricated statistics from a NASA scientist, see the blog OhMyGov, here, and Debra Saunders of the San Francisco Chronicle, of all papers, here). Apparently, last year wasn't exactly the warmest ever year on record.

But that's not necessarily the purpose of this post. The purpose is to congratulate His Excellency, the guvna: As we now know, despite all the alarmists' claims, we are not in the midst of an overheating globe; despite this, the commonwealth's global-warming-alarmist-in-chief qualifies for the most painfully contorted spin of the year. Quote the Richmond Times-Dispatch (see article here):

The state Commission on Climate Change unanimously adopted its final report yesterday, and Gov. Timothy M. Kaine indicated he would act on it.

"In my administration, we don't get reports and put them on shelves," Kaine told the panel during a meeting in the General Assembly Building.

But then . . .

Outside the meeting room, Kaine declined to specify which recommendations he will move on, saying he wants to read the report first.

Soooooooo, let's get this straight: He's going to take action on the report, because he won't put it on a shelf, but he can't say what action he will take, because he doesn't know what's in the report — but he guarantees it won't sit on the shelf. He will take action, though on what, no one, not even he, knows. That's fantastic!

Still later, in a daring feat, he claimed:

But, in one example, he said he supported efforts to increase energy efficiency.

Oh really? I suppose he'll come out for clean water and air, next, then possibly safe toys for children and expiration dates on milk cartons. Brilliant, sir! Are you sure you don't want to be Education Secretary? How did Virginia manage without you? Never mind that the Mainstream Media doesn't pick up on these inanities, even as you state them directly to them — because you, Excellency, have earned today's Quote of the Day.