If you haven't been able to tell, we've dropped several lines over the last few weeks about the lack of budget transparency in Virginia and urging the General Assembly to pass a bill this session that will make searching through Virginia's budget as easy as a Google search. (It's never too early to contact your senators and delegates, click here if you don't know who they are.) We will continue to comment on this essential piece of good and open government, that has a broad coalition, across the political spectrum, supporting it. The only people against it are the politicians, of both parties, whose power rests largely in appropriating money, much of which the average voter would be disgusted to know they are spending.

But, for now, although a federal problem, could there be a better reason to have full disclosure of any government's appropriations than the arrogant bank executives (see Washington Examiner, here) who refuse to reveal what they've done with the hundreds of billions of TARP tax dollars which have been used to bail out their sorry, mismanaged rear-ends? Just asking.