It was an honor to discuss the events of the day, discuss (and try in vain to predict the actions of) the General Asseembly, project (in equal vain) ahead to the 2009 campaign, and offer Internet Land merry Christmas wishes with host Norm Leahy and fellow guest Nick Howard this morning on Tertium Quids Radio. Among the topics covered (hard to believe it was just 30 minutes) were the auto bailout, the state budget and its deficit, the budget transparency/online budget bill and its prospects, the Democrat gubernatorial campaign, possible tax/fee increases, Tim Kaine losing the Mark Warner playbook (line of the day cred to Nick), and our political Christmas gift requests. Mine was for a conservative leader to emerge and focus the country on the virtues of our founding principles with clarity and purpose. But there's much more, and in a very entertaining format, so don't use this summary as an excuse not to listen.

So it turned out pretty well, but it's hard to screw up when in such fine company. The podcast is posted, so click here to listen to the discussion in its entirety (and to access other excellent programming on TQ Radio). We hope you take a listen and find what you hear informative and entertaining.