It's all News today, folks. Enjoy. Family Forum 'Unveils' Agenda (Harrisonburg Daily News-Record) (This is about one of our chapters.)

Howell presents budget cut plans (Richmond Times-Dispatch

Howell offers budget ideas (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

GOP Caucus Vows To Tighten Belts Amid Fiscal Crunch (Washington Post)

Kaine, assembly face tough decisions on cuts (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Cole picks redistricting committee in legislature (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

Moran resigns Va. House seat (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Moran Resigns From Va. Assembly (Washington Post)

Moran ramps up Va. governor campaign (Washington Times)

Will Moran's resignation create a domino effect? (The Daily Press)

Parties picking nominees for Moran seat (Richmond Times-Dispatch 

Parties Try To Beat the Clock for Jan. 13 Vote (Washington Post)

Two-term governor is sought (Richmond Times-Dispatch)