It's been one heck of a day at The Family Foundation: Pastors Lobby Day, Virtual Lobby Day, a live blog interview with Attorney General Bob McDonnell, losing as expected on pro-life measures in Senate Ed & Health (as expected, and video to come on the incomprehensible arguments), but also a big win there, on Family Life Education. But a loooooooooooooooong day and week was capped off by a big win in Senate Finance usually a grave yard of bills. On a unanimous voice vote, the committee approved Senator Ken Cuccinelli's SB 936. Admittedly not the ideal language as first drafted, the bill will make improvements to the current system.

Think of it this way: If proponents stuck the original and lost just to have an issue, the issue risked becoming a GA perennial that gets tuned out every year, as so many repeat bills are. Getting it passed and getting a start on complete and easy access to spending information means we can continually improve it over time. While the cynic might reply, "Like other other government agencies?" an examination of the substitute shows real progress.

On to House Appropriatons sub-committee tomorrow afternoon and HB 2285! It's not too late to contact those sub-committee members. Click here to do so.