None other than Terry McAuliffe was in the GAB yesterday. I saw this familiar face standing by himself by the elevator on the 4th floor, I think. After that second or two of recognition focus it takes to remember who this person is you've seen before, but not in this context, it hit me. So I went up to him. Our conversation went something like this: admin: Mr. McAuliffe, my name is Steve (last name witheld for security reasons), it's nice to meet you in person after seeing you all these years on "Hannity and Colmes."

T-Mac: Nice, to see you again. (We've never met.)

admin: So, you're making the rounds, huh?

T-Mac: Yes. So what do you Steve?

admin: I lobby for The Family Foundation.

T-Mac: Great! (Then, with concern in his voice) How are you guys doing? Are you getting cut, too?

At that point, I realized, he really needs to bone up on his Virginia politics. He thinks we are a charity group getting our state grants cut. I wanted to put him on and say, "You know, we are. Can you ask some of the Democrat senators you meet with today if they could cut The Family Foundation a break?"

But if I did, it would cost him the nomination. Instead, we talked about "Hannity and Colmes," Alan Colmes' upcoming new show, and the big new contracts signed by Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

But can you imagine T-Mac asking Dick Saslaw if he could help restore some funding to The Family Foundation?