HB 2285, after a few questions, especially some unexpected ones from Senator Henry Marsh about what a pain it will be to post audits and reports online (poor government workers), except that the senator had to be told it's not anything they don't already do, because if they are in electronic format, then it's no big deal, and what's not in electronic format anymore? — got through Senate Rules today on a unanimous voice vote. It's still in its House substitute form. Unless amended on the Senate floor, it will go to conference with SB 936, which was supposed to go to House Appropriations this afternoon, except the committee decided not to meet. Have a good early weekend, guys. What did happen, unexpectedly, was that SB 936 yesterday was in the Appropriations Sub-Committee on Technology Oversight and Government Activities with no notification online or through e-mail. But there it was today, as I logged on to the bill's home page, that it was reported out from the sub-committee to the full committee on a 7-0 vote. We were under the impression that it would go straight to the full committee, led to believe that is, by the fact that it was listed in the full committee with no sub-committee meeting notification. Just a small technicality.

Where it all stands: HB 2285 is on the Senate floor. SB 936 should go through full Appropriations early next week and then the House floor and sent back to the Senate since it has changed since it left there. Right now everything looks good, but patience and vigilance are needed until this entire legislative maze is traversed.