Today's News Stand has the typical political fare. However, for something completely different, and for a taste of other states' political and legal news, see the articles from It seems that Indiana has its own license plate controversy, settled in favor of the good guys, while the trial of notorious Kansas abortionist (and friend of HHS Secretary nominee Kathleen Sebelius), George Tiller starts today. Also, the arts are in the news, and how Christian themes are part of two new movies — or do they really live up to those themes? We provide the link. You decide.

Speaking of art, on the lighter side, check out today's editorial comic. I haven't seen a more appropriately named or more accurate reflection of the Mainstream Media than in this simple two panel illustration. Comedy is best when it's kept simple . . . and true. 


Noel Seeks Chance To Challenge Landes (Harrisonburg Daily News-Record)

Gilbert Will Vie For Third Term (Harrisonburg Daily News-Record)

GOP 'Grass Roots' at Center of Turf Battle (Washington Post

Infighting expert cites risk to GOP (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Records fail to show full extent of lobbyist, lawmaker relationships (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

National News:

Tiller trial kicks off today (

Reference to deity OK in Hoosier State (

Films solicit Christian support, fall short in Christian substance (

Editorial Comic:

"Fundamentally Predictable" (William Warren,