If Terry McAuliffe wins the Democrat gubernatorial nomination by downplaying the far left's radical social agenda, will the MainStream Media and pundit class start preaching that Democrat candidates need to "worry about practical problems" and "every day concerns of Virginians" and not "ideological litmus tests"? Of course, the case can be made that liberal candidates do that now — true believers to the radical cause, they shluff it off until after they get elected (see Governor Kaine's efforts against the Marriage Amendment despite his campaign pledge of supporting one-man-one-woman marriage).

So perhaps the relevant, hypothetical, question is: If Brian Moran wins the nomination but loses the general election, will the MSM, pundits and fellow apologists start to clamor for liberal candidates who will eschew the social engineering doctrines? These situations may never materialize, so we may never know. But it's all worth pondering.