In yesterday's News Stand, I noted that Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry (T-Mac) McAuliffe did the typical bow and scrape to the teachers union, a radical bunch that lobbies not only on educational issues (and usually to block reforms at that, but always for more money) but for abortion and against lowering taxes and the entire liberal litany. But it goes beyond the "I will raise Virginia teachers pay to the national average mantra" each liberal rotely obligates him- or herself to. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, he also wants to help them with mortgages and car loans. No one is going to outbid McAuliffe. He's also Mr. Pie-In-The-Sky — he refused to provide specifics on how it will be paid for or guidelines for qualifying for the goodies. The best anyone could get from him was from his press aide, Lis Smith, in an e-mail, no less:

"There will be a criteria for who would receive the loans. ... Terry would work with the Board of Education and the Department of Education to determine what the criteria should be."

That tells us a lot!

But it doesn't stop there, either. T-Mac paid homage to the man that has his old job, Governor Tim Kaine who doubles as the Democrat National Committee chairman: He wants to expand the governor's pre-K program.

Here's a program no one asked for, no one wanted, that we got forced into despite the budget shortfalls over the last two years. Certainly, no one wants anymore of it, and no fiscally responsible candidate would say we could afford it. But in the mind of those who think the government must raise our children, we get it whether we want it or not, whether it works or not. If it's to pay homage and seek favor from major party players and liberal special interests, all the better to perpetuate it.