Tomorrow is the annual one-day General Assembly Veto Session, where our legislators get together and decide whether to override or sustain the governor's vetoes and amendments to the bills they passed during the winter's regular session. (We'll be interested to see what happens to HB 2285, the spending transparency bill, Governor Kaine amended into an entirely new bill.) When 140 lawmakers get together anything can happen and we will be there in case it does. So check back with us regularly tomorrow just in case. Better yet, sign up to follow us on Twitter, to get any breaking news — or outrageous comments (another real possibility when 140 lawmakers get together) — as it happens. The link is near the top of our Blog Roll or just click here. Something else we'll be involved in tomorrow, honored in fact, is Lt. Governor Bill Bolling's Third Annual Bloggers Conference. Two-dozen or more conservative bloggers from around the Commonwealth will come to Richmond to get briefings from the LG and other prominent Virginia conservatives. We'll also get briefed on ProjectVirginia by two young conservative blogging and tech stars: Jon Henke and Bryan Pick of TheNextRight political blog. According to its Web site:

"ProjectVirginia is a political action committee organized to support civic engagement aimed at applying conservative principles to address local, state and national issues.

"To maximize the effectiveness of grassroots organizing & voter mobilization efforts, ProjectVirginia will promote the deployment and utilization of cutting-edge new media & social networking technologies by citizens and campaigns."

Sounds exciting. We'll let you know about it all. We look forward to it, but do have one regret. We won't get a chance to see the "Lieutenant Governor's mansion." See you tomorrow.