Welcome back to the work week. We hope everyone had a Blessed Easter and that the meaning of The Resurrection will not be a fleeting moment, but rather one that continues to resonate within our consciences throughout each and every day of our lives. For those travelling with their families, or for other reasons, we hope Easter week brings safe travels. Now, back to work: The state's unemployment insurance program is running low on funds, yet Governor Tim Kaine wants to expand it (and raise job-killing taxes to do it); there's a push by medical professionals to maintain their conscience protection safeguards (see our statement), the culture war rages on, and the Tea Parties have begun!


State's jobless fund expected to run dry (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Kaine hopes to work with GOP on jobless benefits (Richmond Times-Dispatch

Some lawmakers vow to fight on for $125M in jobless aid (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Ralliers brave rain, cold to protest govt. spending (The Daily Press)

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National News:

Medical Providers Urge Obama to Save 'Conscience' Rule (FoxNews.com)

Faith Groups Increasingly Lose Gay Rights Fights (Washington Post)


Taxes and Tea Parties: America Gets Ready to Rumble (The Loft/GOPUSA.com)