What's great about the Internet is even when it's a slow news day, you can always find something. We even have two News Stand firsts: A double feature video section and we cite ourselves. Today's state news is thin in number but meaty in content. On a subject we will comment on soon enough, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell takes a public stand on his Alma Mater conferring an honorary doctorate to the nation's most ardent pro-abortion on demand president, ever. As it turns out, his most pro-abortion-ever HHS secretary nominee was confirmed today in the midst of still more alleged impropriety. Meanwhile, Brian Moran's Democrat primary campaign got a boost from homosexual activists, Creigh Deeds' relationship with defense firms is reviewed, the Dems lose a N.Va. House challenger, and home-schooled college students make a film about Roe v. Wade

If that's not enough, when things even look slow, we can rely on OneNewsNow for a supply of national news the MSM gladly overlooks. For example, we have a must-see video of Planned Parenthood getting busted — again! — hiding a potential statutory rape, so as to procure an abortion "client." This is the fifth time a PP abortion center has been caught on tape doing this. Read about it and see it for yourself. It's all below.  


McDonnell opposes Notre Dame degree for Obama (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Gay and lesbian Democratic group backs Moran's bid for governor(Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Deeds Solicited Defense Firms (Washington Post)

Democrat Drops Out of Delegate Race (Washington Post)

Homeschoolers release 'Roe v. Wade' movie (OneNewsNow.com)

National News:

Sebelius has 'integrity issue' (OneNewsNow.com)

'Poor science' undergirds new stem cell regs (OneNewsNow.com)

Memphis abortion center exposed for hiding statutory rape (OneNewsNow.com)


Latest Planned Parenthood Cover-Up (OneNewsNowBlog.com/YouTube.com)

On Same-Sex Marriage: Deeds Flip-Flops, Moran Just Flops, And T-Mac Sounds Vaguely Sensible (Familyfoundationblog.com/YouTube)